Official Site - OJC CARES FOUNDATION is an NGO that identifies and develop players to high levels of sport performance and improve their capability to play at state, federal and international level.

Ojc Cares Foundation is a non governmental organization poised to champion grassroot sports development.

We believe that the bedrock of any sporting nation is through a sound developmental program for the youth and also to improve on their academics.

At Ojc Cares Foundation identify and develop athlethes to high levels of sport performance and improve their capability to compete at the state locally and internationally.

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We Support Grassroot Sports

Grassroot sports is extremely important to any developing sporting nation. It is a foundation for sport but more importantly, when delivered well it creates immense value and develops more talents for the country in the years to come. One must recognize that in order to achieve its strategic outcomes, more emphasis must be given on the delivery of innovative sports program at the junior level. We hereby encourage youngster to participate in Sports.

Our Impact

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The athletes of the foundation been addressed by the president and the volunteer coach at the Warri city stadium after their training session.

The foundation president, volunteer coach and some athletes of the Ojc cares athletics club presented miss Praise Oforku of College of Commerce to her school, who represented Delta state and won a medal in the just concluded national youth games in Kwara state.

The foundation visited little saints orphanage home in Ekpan Delta state to show some love to the kids there.